Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The new generation

It was by chance that I stumbled upon an article in a Malayalam magazine at a relative's place. The article was about the so-called 'new generation' Malayalam movies. It was a lady who wrote the article, who seemed to be their in her sixties. She was comparing the old movies to the ones currently being released in Malayalam, with some of them being called 'new generation' movies. I will go over her thoughts while sharing my thoughts in this.

In the first place, I am not sure who gave the term 'new-generation' to a certain set of movies. Is it because it is directed by few young chaps? May be it is because it kind-of breaks the image or the expectation from a movie in the older folks. One thing I am sure about is - the term 'new generation' is not used very positively by our older folks.

But if you actually look at the generation of older folks, they too had their 'new gen' guys. There were movies which depicts some revolutionary stuff during their times as well. The lady who wrote the article which I read was referring to the movie Idukki Gold.  Yes, there are some scenes, dialogues which the older folks might bit too open. The fact is there were movies during their times as well which had these things, which was considered too forward and open at that time as well. Being too restricted in views and opinions about certain aspects in life has made the society harp at anything which even slightly deviates from the moral code it has set for people to follow.

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