Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Consultant and the Shepherd

Its story time again! This time I would like to share a story about the (so called) corporate consultants, who will study, analyze, the problems or challenges, suggest solutions and fix the problems (hopefully). Hope you enjoy it.
One day a consultant was traveling in a car by the countryside when he came across a big herd of sheep. He slowed down to allow the herd to cross the road. Behind the head was the shepherd who managed the herd.
He stopped the car to take a break, and during that time he spoke to the shepherd. The consultant told him that he will tell him exactly how many sheep were in the herd, and in return the shepherd should give him a sheep as his fee. The innocent shepherd agreed. After 10-15 minutes of studies and analysis, the consultant replies, “You have got 257 sheep in your herd.”

The shepherd agreed that it was correct and told him that the consultant could choose one sheep from the herd. The consultant chose his sheep, put it in his car and when he was about to leave the shepherd asked him, “Aren’t you a consultant?” Surprised, the consultant replies, “Yes, but how did you come to know?”

The shepherd said, “I could figure it out in 3 instances. First, you offered me your service even without me asking for it. Secondly, you gave some information which I already know. You did not tell me anything new that I did not know about my business. Thirdly, you have taken my dog and put in your car thinking it’s a sheep, which shows that you have absolutely no idea about my business and its nature.”